Where do I start? Eyeliners have been my favorite go to makeup at all times. It is something that you can wear at anytime of the day. You can dress it up or down depending on the occasion. I absolutely love to wing it and I believe it’s an art to ace it (so practice practice practice).

Pencil, gel or liquid??

If you are a beginner and just starting to get into liners, I would suggest starting with a pencil as it will give you more control as compare to using other formulas.

Liquid liners are great and can give you a glam look but you really need to have a steady hand to control the line. It’s great for wing tip or cat eye.

Gel liners are my personal favorite since they are mostly water resistant and gives me a control to go crazy with how thick or thin I want to go.

Smudge Proof: Make sure you use an eye shadow to set the liner. It will last longer and give you a better intense look.

I mostly use black, brown, white, and nude. Once in a while I use a funky green or blue just to be difference (though I am not a fan).

So what’s your favorite liner??


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