So Huda Lip Contour…. my first impression — what exactly will this product do to my lips? Make it look fuller and give a nice pout?? First face contouring, then chest contouring and now lip contouring…..

Is it just a lip liner with a fancy word?

Well since I had heard so much about them, I decided to jump on the bandwagon and purchase three different shades to see if they do what they are supposed to do.

I have wheatish complexion and my lips are a bit dry. I wanted to try three different shades; hence, I bought Trendsetter (nude brown), Gossip Gurl (baby pink), and Cheerleader (reddish, brownish undertone).

TRENDSETTER is a nude color with brown undertone and looks bit goldenish/peachish in the swatches I have seen. I tried and wasn’t too excited about how it turned out on my lips. I was hoping for a little more color.

GOSSIP GURL reminded me of MAC candy yum yum and bombshell when I looked at the shade without trying. Again it looked really different on me than what I was expecting it to be. It is a pretty color for someone with light complexion or someone who can carry it off well. On the box it looked much darker than on my lips. Maybe I should have tried this color without hydrating my lips to see the true color.

Finally, CHEERLEADER…I really loved this color. It’s exactly how it was in the swatches and I think this is one color that will look great on every skin tone.

These contours are great and very long lasting. These will stick to your lips like glue and wouldn’t come off easily even with a makeup remover. Best would be to use a wet wipe to remove.

They can work like a lip liner or a lipstick. They glide on smoothly but make lips dry. So, if you are someone like with dry lips, better hydrate your lips first and then use them.

I wish they had few samples to try. I like to try them on my hands first just to get an idea for my skin tone but unfortunately they had none and I just had to take a chance.

I just loved Cheerleader and the fact that they are super long lasting. Price – AED 89/ $25. I think the price is bit steep but considering the 2 in 1 job of this product, it would be ok to invest in couple of shades.

Have you got your hands on them yet? Which ones are your favorite and what’s your take on them?


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