Ever heard of the brand? I didn’t think so 🙂 Juvia’s Place is an indie brand and has really made a name for their eyeshadow palettes for being rich, vibrant and highly pigmented. Though it’s not mentioned anywhere on the site that the products are more relevant for women of color but the palettes are all seem to be inspired by places in Africa and the illustration of images on the palettes are also of women of color.

I started following them couple of years back when they only had three palettes. The colors, packaging and the pricing seem too good to be true so I decided to order Nubian 1 & 2 initially. The delivery was quite fast to my US address and I paid about USD 7 for delivery.

I opened the mail and was so happy with the packaging; it was just so festive and colorful.  The pan sizes were good and the palettes are made of cardboard with a mirror. They really are vibrant with an Egyptian and African feel to the packaging. I tested out both the palettes and was happy to test the pigmentation, blendability and longevity. The metallic shades are insanely pigmented and creamy.

After putting these two to tests, I couldn’t stop there and ended up ordering Mini Masquerade and The Magic palette as well to add to the collection. Though I ordered Mini for Masquerade but trust me it’s nowhere close to mini – it’s huge and probably will never finish!

If you like bold colors and love to experiment with your looks than I would highly recommend Juvias Place. It’s definitely worth every penny.

It is available in the UAE at glamazle.com, limeade.boutique (on instagram) and few others.

So, will you give this Indie brand a try?




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