Lego Ninjago Theme Birthday Party in Dubai

So my son was turning 7 and we had pre decided that we were going to keep this party very simple with no theme and invite few boys from his class! Well things don’t always turn out the way you want them to. As the birthday date was coming close, my son decided he wanted to have a Lego Ninjago theme party (a new obsession of his)

I hate to spend double the money on decorations and party ware in Dubai knowing they are so much cheaper in the US and it’s such a waste afterwards. I decided to go the DIY route and started checking P

interest and other places for ideas. Boy did I find ideas – hats off to the mothers who love to do everything from scratch (I am not one of those sadly).

While I decided to do some DIY decorations, I also decided to get a themed cake done from a mother who is a professional yet the most reasonable I found (trust me I did my share of looking around for the best price).

The most difficult part was finding the location as we wanted it to be outdoors (weather is beautiful) but every time we keep anything in a park, it ends up being really windy and chilly. I asked my son what he really wanted to do and he said something to do with arts and crafts. With that being said, I went to check Café Ceramique to finalize the venue and other bits. We also had his 3rd birthday party there so we knew how it was going to be.

Cafe Ceramique is amazing to keep the kids busy for couple of hours. They have three different options to pick from. The most expensive package is for AED 100 per child which includes a decent size ceramique, face painting, games, loads of food with popcorn, ice cream, jelly, corn and much more. The party room is pre-decorated, so its perfect for someone who doesn’t care for theme as the room is full of colorful balloons and wall decor.

These are some of the items that kids painted


Once the location was finalized, I got the themed invitation done along with some of the banners I wanted to put around. I found Ninjago eyes on few different sites which went up on the balloons and the door.

My son wanted to have props for the pictures matching the theme. We again searched for some ideas and ended up drawing, cutting, coloring and pasting props on craft paper. It was a fun activity and reminded me of school days when I used to draw quite a bit 🙂 Kids definitely had a wonderful time taking pictures with the props. I also got a big backgroud picture printed and sticking to the wall which made a great background image for the pictures.

Lastly, I made goody bags for the return gifts and gave out luggage tags with chocolates and stationery. They were packed in plastic bags with the thank you tags matching the theme.

The party turned out great and kids were asking for more. I also heard that some of the kids wanted to have their birthday party at the same place. I am glad this party went well and now I can relax for another year!

Majority of the ideas came from online and I thank all the parents who helped with making this happen and inspired me to get going!

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