Gerard Cosmetics Lip Pencils

I had been waiting to try Gerard Cosmetics lip liners ever since they were launched but was hesitant as I didn’t want to spend $16 on each. Couple of weeks ago they went on sale for $5 per liner and without thinking twice; I ordered one in each color. The shipping took couple of weeks as I am sure they had loads of orders to ship out. With price this low, who wouldn’t want to try?

The pencils came in a beautiful cardboard (corrugated) box which looks like a gift box. The packaging is also nice and the pencils are glossy gold with the bottom being the color of the pencil. The formula is pigmented and the liners stayed put. They didn’t smudge off easily which is definitely a plus. These can be worn under the lipstick or even as lipstick since the colors are truly pigmented. The Pencils are creamy and easy to apply.

There are about 13 shades from nudes to pinks to browns and reds. They tried to have a color in each color spectrum. I am sure they will be adding more color options to give more variety to the customers.

Just to compare them to MAC lipliners – Usually with MAC I have to stroke it couple of times to get the exact colors compared to Gerard, with one stroke you will have the exact color. MAC liners are bigger but with Gerard you get more for your buck. Price is almost the same for both but Gerard goes on sale and MAC never goes on sale unless it’s a limited edition!

Gerard Cosmetics does have international shipping so if you plan to buy in bulk better to get it shipped directly from them. There are couple of online stores in Dubai that sell Gerard Cosmetics products but at a higher price. In case you only want to buy few things and don’t want to wait for shipping from the US, best is to order locally.  Though, they carry majority of the products from the brand but no lip pencils.

Two genuine sites I know that are selling locally are &!


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