Huda has been coming out with new products back to back starting with the lashes than lip contours, liquid lipstick, eyeshadow palette and now the 3D highlighter palette. Huda launched her highlighter palette mid April exclusively on her site and within couple of weeks we had it in Sephora UAE stores.  It will soon be released in the US Sephora website.

This product just like any of her other products was marketed really well. People knew months in advance that the highlighter palette was coming and were already obsessing over it. The packaging is beautiful with clear instructions on how to use each shade. It’s quite compact which makes it easier to travel with.

I am sure all of you know by now that it comes in two different shades – Pink & Gold. I tried both the palettes and beside Santorini in pink palette, I thought the shades were quite similar in both. So I opted for gold highlighter palette. The palette has two highlighting shades, a bronzer and a blush. One of the highlighting shade in FIJI is cream based and then you top it up with the Seychelles powder (though very buttery) to give the maximum glow possible. Then you sculpt for dimension and apply blush for healthy glow.

I like the fact that you are getting four different shades in one but I didn’t think there was anything extra special about the colors. There is extra step of applying the cream highlighter first which I feel is not necessary for maximum glow. I have other powder based highlighters and they work much better without extra steps. I am not super happy or sad about the purchase, I wanted to try it so I bought it and if someone wants to have it, I won’t hesitate to pass it J

Price: AED 210 – USD 65


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