I came across Huda Kattan just three years ago at a friend’s party. We were just discussing about me being a makeup artist and how people enter the world of beauty and get famous. I was told that Huda is also from the US and moved to Dubai few years back and went through so much of hardship before making a name for herself.

I wanted to know more about her and did a bit of research. I found out that her eye lashes are doing really well in the market and it’s a must have for every makeup artist’s kit. I was hesitant to buy them as they are around USD 20-USD 25 each (though you can wear them upto 15 times according to Sephora and up to 12 times according to if taken care of – not sure which info is accurate). I ended up buying Scarlett and Samantha in addition to her Liquid Matte Lipstick in Bombshell and Spice Girl.

My first reaction on the Scarlett lashes was ‘WOW’. They are definitely super dramatic, glamorous and will give you length and volume. Samantha on the other hand has medium volume and has a bigger feathery effect as they are double stacked. I was totally happy with the purchase and I will certainly would not hesitant trying out other lashes from the brand.

Being a lipstick and lipliner addict, I bought two liquid lipsticks from the line and three lip contours (Cheerleader, Trendsetter & Gossip Gurl). Honestly, I didn’t think there was anything special about the lip contours (see my other review done just on Huda’s lip contour). Liquid lipsticks have a decent formula but not the best, I have better ones in my kit. For me, it didn’t stay all day and easily came off with a tissue. These are also bit tacky for me but they smell nice but I don’t think they’re worth the price.

Lastly, I bought the Rose Gold Palette which has 18 cream eye shadows and have highly pigmented mattes, chrome pressed pearls and 3D metal shades. I liked most of the shades but it was really difficult to apply metallic colors with the brush. They turned out good using fingers but with my long nails it was super difficult to apply. This is a good addition to the kit if you do not already own the Renaissance palette by Anastasia Beverly Hills.

Price for the lashes in US Sephora is USD 20 and UAE Sephora is AED 95 (USD 26)

Price for the lip contour in US Sephora is USD 19 and UAE Sephora is AED 89 (USD 25)

Price for the liquid lipstick in US Sephora is USD 20 and UAE Sephora is AED 100 (USD 27)

Price for the palette in US Sephora is USD 65 and UAE Sephora is USD 68

I am not sure why the price is different in the US and the UAE. Though I understand that we pay taxes in the US but that shouldn’t mean that people in the UAE should pay a higher price. Moreover, I think it should be cheaper here than the US as the company is based out of Dubai and the products are generally cheaper in the originating country.

Product deets:

Huda Rose Gold Palette – dust, sandalwood, flamingo, bossy and rose gold

Lashes – Samantha #77

Lipstick – Bombshell topped with rose gold shadow from Huda Beauty palette


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