When I first moved to Dubai 10 years ago, I had limited options of where I could shop for makeup. I love makeup and I like to try different brands but I had no option than to wait till I was back in the US on summer holidays. It was frustrating because by the time I would get to try my new products wouldn’t be new in the market anymore.

Things have really changed within the last few years, we now have Sephora in every mall and they carry lots of brands but many products are not launched at the same time when they are released in the US. Prices are also a bit high compared to what we would pay in the US.

We also have many private online retailers that carries brands that are not sold at Sephora Middle East (such as Sigma, Gerard Cosmetics, Jeffree Star, Colourpop etc).

Below I have listed all the websites I have come across while searching for makeup products. Though I have ordered from couple of different sites and I know they are genuine but I don’t guarantee all of them. I have put an * next to the one I am not familiar with at all and never really heard anyone order from. So, if you are ordering please be careful and order at your own risk and make sure you know what the return policy is. Few of the sites listed below might only carry skin and hair care products. * * * *

Some of the stores are just on Instagram only so I am assuming they are running without a license, so I am not sure about them being genuine.

Let me know if I am missing any of the online stores and I will add to the list.


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