The 7 Virtues Perfumes

‘Make Perfume Not War’ That’s the tag line of the brand “The 7 Virtues”. It is a Canadian company which source fair market natural essential oils from nations rebuilding after war or strife. They are on a mission to ignite a cavalry of businesses to come and do trade with nations rebuilding. Their fragrances are vegan and not tested on animals. The fragrances do not contain added parabens and are phthalate free.

Their award winning fragrances are made with natural essential oils from Afghanistan, Haiti, The Middle East and Rwanda. Their farmers earn as much as 2.5 times the income of the next crop enabling them to purchase school uniforms for their children and build homes.

I came across the brand six months ago and was totally mesmerized with the idea to make rebuilding more exciting than destruction. They are not your normal usual brand that’s found in high end stores but I feel they are much bigger than that. I feel the company not only represent sense of smell but also freedom, beauty and wisdom.

I was totally sold by the time I checked their history and their belief and ended up ordering four different bottles (listed below with details). Each bottle comes in two sizes 50ml – $70 & 100ml – $110. I was lucky enough to pick them up during a sale when it was 50% off.

Afghanistan Blossom Orange which is layered with notes of Bergamot, Freesia, Jasmine, Orange Blossom, Velvet Musk and Sandalwood.

Noble Rose o Afghanistan is big spicy and layered with notes of Clove, Peppercorn and Carnation, Bergamot, Sicilian Lemon, Rose Otto, Gardenia, Geranium, Peony, Freesia, Carnation, Pink Pepper, Clove and Talbot Wood.

Vetiver of Haiti is layered with notes of Lime tree, Bergamot and precious Amber. This warm fragrance, with its musky organic vetiver base note, is the perfect fall and winter scent, popular with men and women alike.

Middle East Peace has notes of Basil, Sweetie Grapefruit, Lime, Green Tea, Neroli, Petit Grain, Cedar Wood, Bamboo and Soft Musk.

While I really like Blossom Orange and Noble Rose, my husband is enjoying Vetiver and Middle East. I feel the rose fragrance is really strong and lasts a whole day. It is definitely not recommended for someone who doesn’t like strong floral scent.

I highly recommend this niche brand to everyone, though there aren’t many options but whatever they have is definitely worth a try.

Though they are currently not available in the Middle East but hoping to have a presence locally by 2019. For now you can buy it directly from the website based in Canada or Amazon UK luxury. They will soon be launching a new line in Sephora Canada and the USA and will also have a presence this year in some parts of Europe as well.

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