If you live in Dubai, then you probably have an idea how trendy street style fashion is there. You need to always stay updated with these fashion trends in order to make sure your outfits are on point. Since street style is super popular in Dubai right now, there are plenty of trends and fashion ideas going around. However, we’re going to be talking about the 7 most popular ones out there. So, are you ready to find out? Let’s go ahead and get started on that:

  1. Straw Bags

While leather and suede bags may be good and all, but currently the people in Dubai are all about straw bags. Since it’s mostly hot there, there bags are an essential for anyone who is into the whole street fashion thing. Straw bags are light-weight, cute and they go with all sort of street-style outfits that you opt for.



  1. Bell Sleeves

Bell sleeves are a huge rage right now! They may have a boho appeal to it, but so many women in Dubai are opting for dresses and blouses that have bell sleeves. They are bold, eye-catching and allow your arms plenty of room to breathe on those extra hot and humid days.


  1. Graphic T-shirts

Graphic t-shirts were a big thing back in 2015, but now they are back with a bang! If you roam around Dubai for even one day, you will see a bunch of people wearing graphic tees. It’s a huge trend for 2017 and is surely one of the most popular ones. There are so many versions out there, which means that everyone can find something that they like.


  1. Ruffles

Anything with ruffles is in. Ruffles originally were considered as quite feminine and something you will find in formal dresses that one would wear to a formal event. However, they have made their way to street style as well.


  1. Distressed Jeans

The more distressed your jeans are, the trendier they would be!  Distressed jeans are a popular street style trend in Dubai and everyone seems to love it a little too much. From slight distressed detailing to total rips; this trend is here to stay.


  1. Denim Mini Skirts

Denim miniskirts are back again and they have become a big part of Dubai’s street style. Women have been spotted wearing them with everything in their closet and they sure look trendy while doing it!


  1. Maxi Dresses

Maxi dresses are a big part of Dubai’s street style. They are perfect for the hot weather since they are light-weight, flowy and easy to move around in.


Which ones of these street styles is your personal favorite?


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