Lately I have been seen a lot of girls wearing chunky Afghani jewelry and I think they look fab if you can carry them off. I have a thing for Antique jewelry and Afghan style is something very attractive and looks classy. I asked around and most of the people bought it from Pakistan and I don’t really know anyone going to Pakistan anytime soon. I decided to check few shops in Deira as I had heard that that area has all different stuff which would normally not be found in Dubai.

Though I found couple of shops carrying Afghan dress but no one really had the necklaces and earring I was looking for. One of the shop keeper told me to check out Central Souk in Sharjah. It took me a year before I decided to explore the mall in Sharjah since there is always traffic and hubby and I are always dreading to go there.

I walked around and found lots of different shops selling some gold and antique jewelry, some pashminas, artifacts, carpets, souvenirs and gift items. I was just about to give up on finding what I was looking for till I saw a small shop in the corner at the end of the mall (1st floor – block 7). I walked into the shop and I felt like I was in heaven. This shop had everything from antique phones, cameras, vases to most importantly Afghan jewelry. The man went in the back and brought out bags full of necklaces and head pieces. He must have had at least 50 bags full of jewelry. I wanted to go through all of them but we had limited time. So I looked through a few bags and spent good half an hour and found some funky jewelry. I was so happy to find three beautiful necklaces and couple of earrings.

You will really need to go through each and every piece to ensure nothing is missing and the color of the jewels all look similar as sometimes, the color would be slightly different and maybe a thing or two would be broken. Most of the neck pieces didn’t have anything to tie them at the back. However, the shopkeeper was very nice and added black thread to tie at the back.

This place is definitely worth visiting even if it will take you couple of hours to get there. Make sure you have at least few hours to spend at this particular shop as it will take time to pick the perfect jewelry. There are two extensions to the mall and luckily Google map took us to the correct side of the parking. If you do not find it as there is no name outside, just call the owner and he will guide you. The owner is great to talk and will help you by showing you everything he has. Last and most important – bargain, bargain, bargain!!

Now go and check it out and let me know what you thought and what you bought?


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