Of lately, I have been obsessed with flats as I feel like I can no longer carry heels. Before I had my son, I just wanted to wear heels and literally had every color, style and design possible. For past couple of years, I walk into the store and straight away ask for flats. They are super comfortable yet stylish. You can dress them up or down depending on the occasion.

Recently, I decided to invest (oh yes certainly an investment) in Chanel Espadrilles. They come in a variety of colors, styles and fabrics. Chanel Espadrilles sell like hot cakes and they are often unavailable in your choice of color or style. More often than not, they are sold out so if you have a particular style or design in mind, be sure to keep on checking with the store to see if they have it available.

I just happened to go to the store to buy a belt from a credit note I had from last year, I found the belt I was looking for and while I was about to pay I told the salesman how they never call me for Espadrilles. The salesperson said, “oh wait and please come with me.” I was surprised to see the whole collection at the store which was just received a day earlier and I was lucky enough to find what I had been wanting.

I ended up buying metallic lambskin & tweed in blue, black and silver color. My feet are extra sensitive and anything I wear gives me a shoe bite and sore feet but I was promised that with this particular style that will not happen because since the lambskin leather inside is super soft. The craftsmanship of Chanel products are amazing and you know they will last you lifelong.

The cost of these Espadrilles are around AED 2300 (USD 630), I’ve heard that you can get them a bit cheaper in France. Be sure to get one size bigger as they don’t open up too much like other flats. I am a size 36 but with these I had to get size 37 which fits perfectly.

I have worn these few times and they are super comfortable with no sore feet.  I am in love and because of the comfort of these shoes, I would definitely be paying another visit to the store for more.

Do you own Espadrilles and how do you feel about them? Worth your money?


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