Have you ever considered getting your handbags and shoes dry cleaned? I bet not! I am also in the same boat, I have a few designer bags and I really look after them, I don’t just sit them on the floor or hang them on a dirty chair and some of them I barely carry thinking they would get dirty and my invested money will just go to waste.

Thanks to Champion Cleaners Dubai, I will no longer hesitate to carry my bags often. I came across them and their services at a recent event held by TishTash PR agency where I met one of the managers who explained the process of cleaning, repair and restoring of the designer bags. I was assured that I won’t be let down with their work. They also had some before and after images of some of their work and I was blown away with the results.

They offered a complimentary service to test their work, though I was a bit reluctant, I ended up giving my Burberry and Louis Vuitton as these two needed some TLC J  The bags were picked up from house and returned back within a couple of weeks.

Once they receive items in their warehouse, the inhouse experts assess and check whether there is a possibility of cleaning and restoring. They are very thorough when it comes to checking the items specially the bags that have suede material inside as they are quiet difficult to clean.

Champion cleaners only use organic chemicals which won’t harm your bag in anyway. The cleaning normally takes 7-10 days depending if it’s only for cleaning, reparing or restoration as well. The cost depends on the type of service you are seeking, mostly between AED 150-300 for cleaning and between AED 200 – 1000 for repairing and restoring.

After cleaning, they pack the finished item with acid free paper for preservation purposes. As a final step they sanitize the bag by keeping it in a sanitizing cabinet to kill all bad bacteria that your bag might have. Once, the bag is ready they will bring it to you at your preferred location.

I am really happy with the work Champion Clearners Dubai has done and highly recommend them for their service. Just FYI they also clean and restore shoes as well as many others items.

Try their service and I assure you that your investment will last a lifetime!

So, let me know if you have a favorite designer bag and think it has no life? Try Champion cleaners you would be surprised!!

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