I’m so jealous of the girls who are always dressing their wrists with beautiful bangles, bracelets, funky and “bling-ed” up watches. I can never carry off anything chunky as the size of my wrist is too small to fit anything.

It’s a real struggle to find jewelry that fits and looks good on my hands. Anything I wear looks either chunky or weird. After being disappointed many times, I thought I would do a bit of research and see if anything exists for a small wrist.

Thanks to my hubby who introduced me to Hermes narrow Enamel Bracelet (Clic H). I feel these bracelets are just meant for my wrist! They come in 30 different colors combinations and the width of the H hook on the bracelet comes in three different variations (silver, gold and rose gold). You can dress them up or down with any outfit.

They cost around USD 600 (AED 2200). However, I’ve heard they’re a bit cheaper in London. So the next time you stop by in London, do get few for yourself 🙂 Every since my husband gifted it to me, I have sort of been hooked and want in all different colors. They look super classy!

I’ve also heard great things about the love bracelet by Cartier. These oval-shaped bracelets are held together by two grub screws that, when tightened, lock onto the wearer’s wrist. According to Cartier’s website, this gilded bit of bondage is meant “to sanctify inseparable love.” I’m not sure how I feel about screwing the bracelet in and out every time I need to wear or take it off. Seems a bit time consuming to me perhaps!

Do you also struggle with finding something that looks good on your small wrist? Do you have something that you love and can’t live without?


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