Red hair has definitely been trending for sometime now but I believe it’s not for everyone. It certainly looks sexy and sassy but equally difficult to keep it red for long as it tends to fade faster. I have come across few hair stylists who promised to give beautiful and vibrant red color and certainly did. The only problem was after a month the color started fading and turned orange and wasn’t as pleasant. I decided it was enough of wasting money on something that was not going to stay for long.

One day I was scrolling though a local beauty page and came across a salon that promised to give a makeover of your life. I was hesitant at first to try till I spoke to the owner, Ms. Diana Lama. She explained the whole process to me and made me feel comfortable enough to try it.

I quickly made an appointment to go see her and as soon as I reached there they started their process. Most of the days they are super busy and usually only take about 4-6 clients/day since the whole process itself takes about eight hours the first day and about two hours the next day.

The makeover package includes full head color, highlight or balayge, organic keratin, cut and style. Majority of the work is done by other girls working in the salon, Diana gives instructions on what exactly needs to be used and how much and the rest is done by the team. Diana also cuts the hair (next day) along with the proper conditioning, washing and setting. She also pick clients randomly for the makeup application for her before and after pictures.

At the end of it all, Diana gives advice on proper hair maintenance post her makeover and doesn’t guarantee the color of the hair unless you take good care of your hair. I definitely consider it to be high maintenance procedure 🙂

No swimming in chlorinated pool

No exposing of hair for long in the sun

No dry shampoo

No normal shampoo/conditioner – only use shampoo free of paraben, sulfate, lemone and sodium chloride. Recommended brand for shampoo, conditioner, hair serum and mask is Rejuvenol Argania. Though quite expensive but worth it.

Use hair serum to keep the vibrancy

Use hair mask once a week to hydrate and smooth out

This is definitely one of the best hair salons I have been to in Dubai where you are educated well on post makeover.  The color has been in my hair for 6 months and it’s still looking vibrant red. I definitely recommend Diana Beauty Castle to all those looking to change their hair or simply sick and tired of trying different salons and not happy with the outcome.

Diana Lama is your lady as she knows what she is doing and has been doing it for the past 20 years.


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