As a mother, it’s really important for me to ensure that my son is eating healthy and nutritional food but it can be quite tricky at times as he is a picky eater and with us being vegetarian and almost vegan makes it even more complex. Though, we live in Dubai but we barely sit out under the sun and majority of people here are Vitamin D deficit in addition to C, B and E.

My husband and I looked around and researched for good multi-vitamins which would be natural, healthy and tasty without any chemicals, preservatives or processed sugar. We came across Garden of Life, Mykind Organics, Kids Multi Gummies. My son was constantly sneezing and catching cold after each of his swimming lesson. He was also falling sick often with fever and cough.

We started with gummies and within 6 months, we noticed that his sneezing and cold had completely stopped and had no symptoms of cold, flu or fever. He is now more healthy and active. In addition to the gummies, he is also taking Vitamin C spray from the same brand which is also helping immensely!

If you have kids who are picky eaters and you feel they not getting enough nutrition, than I highly recommend the multi-vitamins from Garden of Life. It has really helped my son and I am really happy with the results (no it’s not a sponsored post), I bought all the items myself and paid for everything J

PS: I also bought chewable probiotics that don’t need to be refrigerated which I have yet to try it. For my husband and I, we also got B12 and D3 sprays which are helping with increasing the level in the system. The taste is good and we only need one spray a day.

I find Dubai quite expensive with organic products, thus ordered everything from It’s a US based website that ships internationally.

We placed the order on the 25th of the month and received confirmation that it would take around 10-12 days for delivery. To my surprise, I received a call from the courier company on the 28th that my package had already arrived in the UAE. I was quite happy!

I have had great experience with iHerb and would highly recommend to anyone looking to buy supplements, food products, beauty and much more. Their prices are quite competitive and you can also avail various discounts (first time buyer, refer a friend, using someone’s discount code, bulk buy).

iHerb has a vast selection of natural products and are honest with the information in regards to the brand, cost, expiration date, ingredients etc. They have a super friendly website which is easy to navigate. Shipping cost is really low and they the cost of the products is same as if you were to buy it from the US. No extra charges but lots of discounts to bring the cost down.

iHerb is a great choice for international shoppers looking to save money on legit products. You will also find reviews on the products which makes it easier for consumers to select.

If you are ready to place your first order, use code welcome5 to save 5% and use my code AJB7802 to save another 5% on the total amount. This is my friends and family code and I only get 5% rewards credit for the next purchase.

If you would like to purchase what I bought (because I only buy the best of products based on reviews, ratings and knowing how natural they are), click on the image below and all items would be added to your cart automatically and no I won’t make any money on it!

Enjoy shopping and do let me know what all you picked up? 🙂

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