I can’t tell you how often I get asked about the kind of car I drive when people hear that I live in Dubai. Dubai has definitely made a reputation for being a city with the most glamorous super cars. Motoring is in the blood of most drivers here and people are always so excited to flaunt their souped up cars.

Just drive down on Sheikh Zayed Road or the beach road to see the parade of the luxury cars mostly Bugatti’s, Lamborgini’s, Bentley’s and Ferrari’s.

My husband is also a car fanatic and has a deep passion for cars. I have also sort of gotten into it after being with a man who is so much into the cars. For the past few years, the love for cars in people have gone up tremendously. There are car shows, events, and meetups for the car lovers every couple of months.

Recently, I attended City Over Drive event at City Walk Dubai and I was amazed with the cars they were showcasing. We were most interested in seeing the Batmobile but no one knew where it was placed so we left without seeing it. Though we were totally happy seeing many classic cars, supercharged cars and lots of cute little mini’s that my son totally wanted to drive off with.

For such a small city, we definitely get to see the flashiest cars and if you too want to see the best of the best, check out some of the exhibitions or the events listed below which are held every year!

Dubai Motor Show

Petrol Head Arabia

Dubai Motor Festival

Gulf Car Festival

Dubai Classic Car Show

Big Boys Toys

Dubai International Motor Show

There are also few private events arranged by some local car lovers who have the same passion like my husband.  There are frequent car meets for like-minded people.


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